Here is an overview of my favorite experiences from my family’s trip to Disney World in March 2017.  I will cover my favorite shop, attractions, (including Universal Studios), character interaction, and relaxation spot.

Favorite Shop: Chapel Hats in Disney Springs 

This shop is a family favorite.  This year my grandparents, my mom, my dad and I all bought beautiful hats. They have every style of hat. Even if you don’t like hats, it’s fun to try on some of their more unusual ones for a good laugh.  Here’s my husband donning a stovetop hat.


Favorite attractions by park: 

Epcot: Frozen Ever After, boat ride 

I loved its predecessor, Maelstrom, so I was skeptical about Frozen Ever After. It was adorable!  It felt like I was on Maelstrom because of the ride track, but with scenes from Frozen instead of scary vikings and creepy trolls.  Plus the line weaves through Oaken’s trading post, which was delightful.  The only problem was we weren’t ready for the picture, so I’ll share this one instead:


Magic Kingdom: Thunder Mountain, roller coaster

I love all the “mountains” in Magic Kingdom, and the new Snow White mine train is enchanting, but Thunder Mountain is my favorite.  This trip, I went on it in the dark, which was a fun experience.  Splash Mountain in the dark…when it’s cold? Not so much!

Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest, roller coaster

My cousin went on her first roller coaster this trip, but got too scared to go on Expedition Everest.  When we went back to Animal Kingdom, she worked up the courage and went on the ride.  I sat next to her and gave her a play by play of what to expect.  She loved it!  It’s my favorite roller coaster in Disney World.

Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Midway Mania, 4-D shooting game 

My husband couldn’t go on any thrill rides because he got a hernia before our trip.  He loves video games, so we went on Toy Story Midway Mania a few times.  For this trip, he looked up how to win the game.  The post he read recommended working as a team on some of the screens.  Unfortunately for him he had me as a partner, so we didn’t always get the secret bonuses.  It was fun to try!


Universal Studios: Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, 3D simulator 

We walked by this attraction during its soft opening and were ushered in.  I love the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and was shocked to see Hashtag the Panda running around when we walked upstairs.  The ride is a 3D simulator racing Jimmy Fallon through New York with appearances from favorite characters on the show including Sara (with no “h”) and her awkward step dad, as well as the Tonight Show band, the Roots.  3D rides give me a headache, but I enjoyed it without the glasses.  The best part is not the ride itself- it’s the hilarious performances by the Ragtime Gals before you enter the simulator.  The Ragtime Gals are a barbershop quartet that appears with Jimmy Fallon on the show singing a cappella versions of current songs.  While we waited to go on the ride, we heard them sing a medley of classic hip hop songs and a medley of Miley Cyrus songs. They also performed Blurred Lines with children’s instruments.  I even overheard them doing lip sync battles as we walked into the theater.  They’re amazing!  Here’s a video of them I found on YouTube.

Favorite show: For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing Along, Hollywood Studios 

I thought this would be a cute sing along with the movie.  The singing was fun, but the best part was the Arendelle storytellers.  They were hilarious!  They told adult jokes and silly kid jokes and their energy was over the top.  My 2 year old nephew was enthralled with the whole show and even got my dad to sing!

Favorite character interaction: Pluto and Goofy, Animal Kingdom

Pluto took off my tiara, put it on his head, and danced around like a princess. We couldn’t stop laughing!  My nephew was a little unsure and refused to take his fingers out of his mouth for the picture.


Favorite relaxation spot: Nomad Lounge, Animal Kingdom 

Disney World is fun, but exhausting.  Sometimes you need rest before going on your next adventure.  If you’re in Animal Kingdom, go to the Nomad Lounge.  It’s connected to the new Tiffins restaurant and offers cocktails, wine, beer, and small plates. I had the Sinaloa Sangria and lounged on the patio with family and friends.  The refreshing drinks and cozy seating helped us recharge.


Feel free to share your favorite experiences from your last trip to Disney World in the comments below!

Next week I’ll share my Disney Bounds from my trip.